Custom Woven Eco Promotional Socks - Beechleigh Promotions

Boost brand visibility particularly with earth-friendly custom woven eco promotional socks.

Manufactured in the world’s first zero-waste sock knitting facility.

All our custom woven eco promotional socks can also provide a sustainability calculator. To help empower your businesses to visualise the amount of water and energy that you have preserved.

Upcycled Cotton Woven Eco Promotional Socks

The Upcycled Cotton promotional socks will indeed guarantee sustainable success.

Unquestionably eco, created from premium upcycled yarn made of textile waste.

  • No Water
  • No dyes
  • Zero Waste
  • No Toxins
  • No contamination

An award winning product packaged into compostable self seal bags.

A product that particularly promotes your companies ethos, as a Eco Friendly advocate.

Branded Bamboo Eco Promotional Socks

Our Bamboo Custom Woven Eco Promotional Socks are specifically incredibly soft and comfortable.

Bamboo fabric certainly helps keep your feet dry. Thanks to the hollow structure of the fibres, consequently, make them super-absorbent.

Firstly, the material wicks moisture away from the skin.

Furthermore, bacteria don’t like to live and grow in bamboo fibre. Therefore the branded bamboo Eco Promotional Socks are naturally antibacterial. Instead, ensuring your feet feel drier, alongside eliminating foot odour.

GOTS Organic Cotton Eco Promotional Socks

The GOTS Organic Cotton Eco Promotional Socks socks surpass conventional standards.

Free from:

  • Chemical pesticides
  • GMO Seeds
  • Synthetic Fertilizers
  • Fostering biodiversity and natural cycles
  • Available in various styles

Eco Promotional Socks are thus crafted with care. Meanwhile, offering softness to your skin and gentleness to the planet.

Ordering Beechleigh Promotions Custom Woven Eco Promotional Socks Made Easy

Our friendly team are only a telephone or email away. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. Call or email:  

0044 (0) 1276 600707

Standard delivery is a 3 to 4 week turnaround, but we can offer an express service.

Pricing starts from as little as £3.00 per unit, also depending on quantity and requirement.