Everlasting Bamboo Eco Notebook - Beechleigh Promotions

This amazing everlasting bamboo eco notebook is erasable. Using whiteboard paper and is the ideal promotional product for your business.

Guaranteed to leave an everlasting impression of your brand.

The Bamboo Everlasting Bamboo Eco Notebook is beautifully finished with a bamboo cover.

Engrave this Eco Notebook with your brand and make it the perfect gift or give-away for any event.

Whether you use a notebook to take all important notes, or to scribble, this notebook is ideal and will be the last notebook you buy.

With companies striving to help our planet and become more eco-friendly, this Everlasting Bamboo Eco Notebook really is a must see for all.

The Bambook Everlasting Bamboo Eco Notebook will unquestionably reduce paper waste, and your purchase will plant a tree.

Simply make your notes and decide if you need to keep them. If you do, upload them to an app (where for the super organised you can create folders) or wipe them away.

The Everlasting Bamboo Eco Notebook comes with a pen and eraser and has a reasonable MOQ of just x 50 pieces.


This Product Really Has It All

Promote Your Brand and Company Ethos with this Eco Everlasting Notebook Option

Trees provide us with many benefits, including access to clear water, shade, clean air and food. We all know paper products come from trees, but by making the Bambook your next choice of notebook, not only will you guarantee your part in using less paper, as this is an everlasting notebook, but you will ensure a tree is planted.

Yes that is right, for every Bambook purchased a tree will be planted, so to make your everlasting notebook purchase and leave an everlasting impression, contact our sales team today at sales@beechleighpromotions.com to obtain your free, no obligation quote.

Here is a reminder of why your next notebook should be the Bambook

  • Compose Your Inner Pages
  • Includes 1 Free Marker
  • Fully Erasable & Reusable
  • 1 Tree Panted Per Product#
  • Fully customisable, Including Personalisation
  • Low MOG
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Elegant Finish
  • Available in Different Sizes

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It.

I’ve been getting some great use out of my Bambook. Thank you again.

I’ve been doing some retraining recently to do with my qualification as a drone pilot and aerial photographer. As I was studying the online course – I was making notes in my Bambook and then scanning them into a folder in the app. Then when it came to revise – it was easy to read my notes (where I could still understand my handwriting!!) in the folder in the app. It was a really help having everythi

ng in one place! I sat my exam on Sunday and needed a 75% pass mark. I got 100% so am chuffed to bits! Thanks again…

Promotional Branded Merchandise That is Eco, On Trend & Reasonably Priced

Why settle for a budget notebook or a overpriced notebook. This Everlasting Bamboo Eco Notebook can give you and your brand it all.

We are so impressed with this promotional product that we are making it our Product Of The Month, which means you will receive FREE ORIGIINATION on any order placed during November.

For further information about this product or any others, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email or phone on 01276 600707.