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Branded promotional snow shovels are a perfect seasonal corporate gift.

This style of promotional snow shovel are ideal for branding, with a large print area offering great brand exposure!  It is made from twelve layers of resin impregnated 0.65mm thin beech veneer which are then pressed under a very high temperature and pressure. The branded layer is then also laminated and pressed together with the beech veneer and so is irremovable.

The result of the above results in an extremely hard and resistant material.  The front edge of the snow pusher will stay as hard for the life of the shovel due to the resin and manufacturing process and so has no need for a metal edge!  The wet, salt and abrasion have no effect on the promotional snow shovel.  The high degree of robustness ensures that this branded snow shovel stands out in quality in comparison to other shovels that are made from plastic, plywood or metal!

Longevity of the product ensures longevity of your brand!!

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